Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My NEW Blog!!

I got married two months ago and just started a new blog "The Rowell Trains." So instead of posting here in the future I'll be using

I will try and be better at posting updates than I did on here!!
Here's one of my bridal pictures...there are more pics on my new blog so go there!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Catching up: My Best Friends Wedding...Christmas...January

In December I went to Arizona for Cami's wedding! She married an amazing guy named Rob that I actually knew before her because he dated my old roommate back in the day...small world! They got married in the Mesa, Arizona temple. Their reception was beautiful and Cami was a gorgeous bride! I was one of the bridesmaids and Cami had all of the bridesmaids learn the dance from Beyonce's music video "Single Ladies" and we performed it at the reception, it was a blast! I'm so excited for Cami and Rob and now I just hope they'll move a little closer to Utah!
At Christmas we came up to Alta, Wyoming to visit grandma. We went on a sleigh ride with Uncle Meredith to feed the sheep. It was a beautiful day!
We came to visit grandma at the end of January so that Andy and Nick could go skiing at Targhee.Nate and Ben were coming to Utah to the Jazz vs Suns game and I got 4th row Jazz tickets from work and so they sat with me and Andy! It was a really good game and the Jazz won!
Just a picture of me and my boyfriend Andy at Maggie Moo's ice cream...I love ice cream oh and Andy!
At dinner with my best friend Megan! I love that Megan lives in Utah! We get to see each other a few times a month and we always have so much fun every time we get together. I love you Meg!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


OKAY!!! I haven't blogged forever and I do feel really bad about it. I'm at work right now but promise to put together a blog in the next few days. I'm not sure if anyone even looks at my blog anymore since I stopped blogging for the last 6 months...but I'll do it for my own peace of mind! :) More to come...

Saturday, July 25, 2009

As of Lately...

Well, it's no big secret that I'm not a regular blogger. I'm lucky if I blog once or twice a month. This summer has been busy and I can't believe how fast it is going by. Here are a few of the things that I've been doing lately...

We had a Wilson family reunion at my Grandma's in Alta, Wyoming over the 4th of July. We went on a hike, Emily has a bad back and so I packed little Wyatt!

Some of my cousins and Emily The Spud Drive-In4th of July Fireworks!2 of my 3 sisters...we missed you Brit!Uncle Meredith took us on a buggy rideMe & Andy after getting frozen yogurt at Red Mango...we love Red Mango!

We had a cookout with Andy's family at Tanner's Flat. We rode Andy's 1973 Honda up the canyon...don't worry mom we did wear helmets on the actual drive!Lagoon!
Cami came to visit from Arizona...miss you Cham Cham!!
My dad had some discs in his neck burst and it was putting pressure on his spinal cord. The doctor said it was the worst case they'd seen and that he was very lucky that he wasn't paralyzed. They did an emergency surgery. I was able to go home and see him at the hospital. He is recovering very well. Love you daddy!!
Me and Kassi in the parking lot of the hospital after visiting my dad and Kassi's papa! After she saw him she kept saying, "I feel so bad for Papa, do you feel bad for papa?" We went to the demolition derby in Heber with some of Andy's friends
We went to Lake Powell with some of Andy's friends. It was a lot of fun! I've never been able to go to Lake Powell twice in one summer and I was so happy I got to go back!!
Andy put in some of my hair extensions and did a little Brett Michaels impersonation! They had the hugest tube I've ever seen!My hot boyfriend Andy wearing my hat!!I wore this helmet to wakeboard because it matched...I was glad I did though because I crashed hard and hit my head.
At Bonsai Restaurant with Andy and his family
BBQ for Andy's roommate Nate's birthday

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lake Powell

My favorite place to go is Lake Powell. A few weeks ago our family went and I'm finally just getting around to posting about it! Here are some pictures from the trip....

We climbed to the top of a huge sandhill
Kassi loved the tube!!
Me wakeboarding
Andy is a much better wakeboarder than I am!
Me and my cute niece and nephew
Dad and Kassi on the waverunner
Cool picture of Andy going off the houseboat slide
Me and my lovely sisters!
Me and Andy
Me, Em, Bri, Brit, Kassi, and Wyatt
Doing the wakesurf...I still can't throw in the rope!
Me and Andy on the boat
I love Kassi!
At the marina, getting ready to go home
Me and Andy